still in the uk…

…and eagerly awaiting Jan 26th 2007.

As that’s when I’m off. It’s booked, paid for (partly) and that gathering and packing of whatever i need has begun.

So far the plan is this:

I fly to Bangkok via Bahrain on that Friday, check into a yet-to-be-booked hostel (yep, hostel, no room service for me) and spend the first week in the city. Bangkok being 6 hours ahead and probably warmer than Blighty in January, a little time getting used to it is going to be needed.

From there, and depending on a friends plan to join me in learning to paraglide, I’m either going to Petchaburi, and hour outside of Bangkok to do the above or I’m going to travel up to Chiang Mai and get into the Thai countryside right from the outset.

From there I plan on crossing the border into Laos, cross into Vietnam and travel down the coast, into Cambodia for a few weeks and then back into Thailand. I’ve got a place on Koh Tao getting my PADI divers license sometime in late March / early April, the only part of the trip that needs to be somewhere for a certain time.

I plan on updating this blog as often as i can. I’ve been told that internet cafés are everywhere in the cities and tourist areas and i guess this won’t be a problem.

More as it happens.


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