7 down, 2 to go.

*JAB* Ouch!..*JAB* Ouch! 😦

Vaccinations; I’m really not a fan of being a human pin cushion but needs must i guess. So far…tetanus, polio, hep-a, diptheria and yellow fever. I currently have the plasters on from typhoid and hep-b. For japanese encephalitis and rabies I have to go privately, not read up on where to do this yet, but I’ve heard of a place on Oxford Street, still have plenty of time tho.

And then there’s the malaria tablets…didn’t see that one coming…£250 or there abouts to get enough pills for the duration. I’ve been advised to go for Malarone, the most effective (most expensive) with the least side effects. The alternatives sounded nasty; risk of psychosis, vomiting and varied effectivness against malaria itself, to name but a few potential side effects.

Who reckons that all this time and expence is worth it when traveling to the Far East? I’d raise my hand in an instant, but the numbness and pain caused by the last jab limits my ability.

  1. i would go for the malarone, my brother had to have some other type when we went to kenya coz he was too young for malarone and he had all like crackhead dreams

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