i’m invincible! ha ha!

you know that moment where eric eats the banana? that’s kinda how i feel now! i’ve totally had enough of vaccinations (i still like bananas tho) and they better be worth the weekly trips to the nurse (lovely she was too, ‘Hey Kerry :)’ if you’re reading); i’m not going to catch any nasties while i’m away (famous last words maybe…touching wood, crossing fingers, etc.)

the only part i have very little idea about, apart from a few sporadic scare stories, are the malaria tablets. i went for Malarone (thanks jakk, those ‘crackhead dreams’ are just what i don’t want :s) costing a total of £203.55 for enough of the little-fellas to last the duration. i get to take them 2 days before i go, so if i do have a problem…well, maybe too late to sort until i get out there.

nevermind…mozzies are no match for bananaman!

  1. Hiya. Enjoy your trip. If you have any questions email them to talk2us@lonelyplanet.com.au and they will answer them within a few days.

    or check out http://thorntree.lonelyplanet.com/ to chat to other travellers. WOW what a plug for LP 🙂

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