finally something awesome to write about

it’s so surreal to be here after such a wait. so far, after one day it’s everything that i thought it would be, both good and bad.

so, from the beginning to the present.

the flight was long…really easy but long. from london to bahrain the flight was half empty, the gent sat next to me disappeared after about 10 mins; i thought he’d just gone to the loo, but when he didn’t return for about a half hour i decided to stretch out. wish i could say the same for the flight out to bangkok: 6 hours crushed up next to this hugh fella who squeezed himself into his seat and poured out over the armrest towards me. tried as much as i could to get some kip but ended up arriving in thailand tired after not one wink.

i did get to chatting to this called ash right at the start in heathrow, he’s down in pattaya now looking at property; one of the many people who come over here once and love it so much they have to stay.

the first (and hopefully last) error of the trip came when booking into the hostel. i arrived late, only by about an hour, but they had already give my bed away to someone else! a very apologetic and very smiley young chap at the desk informed me that it was the last bed, that i would not be staying there tonite but could come back tomorrow and after what i thought was his final word on the matter he disappeared into the back room only to emerge just as i was leaving to tell me that he’d found me a room just a short skytrain ride away and handed me a map! service!

a short ride away it was. the skytrain is amazing. very clean, very fast and hardly anyone on it. can’t imaging what someone in a similar position in london for the first time would think of saturday traffic on the undergroud.

so my first night in the ‘urban age’ hostel, patpong. basic. no other word for it but it was just what i needed. dumped the bag, took an amazing hot shower (nothing overly remarkable about it, just felt so great after covering so many miles) quick change and then out to meet anna, ben from work’s sister.

we caught up on the kao san road…the part of town i should have looked at staying in…just amazing; so much color and so many people, about 90% backpackers and 10% people trying their hardest to rip backpackers off selling them dodgy cds and fake t-shirts…of which i bought a few. damn, so easily suckered in! that’s gonna have to change!

and so then we enevitabley started in on the booze! what started as a few quiet beers chatting about the trip over here and anna’s travels to date, we met up with clare, guni and jean, three people anna’s been hangin out with over the past week. a few more drinks and a thumb-war ass kicking by a 10 year old girl pesting us to buy roses!, some wonderfull food (gigantic shrimp for about 7p each!) we decided to all hook up today, get out of bangkok and get over to ratchaburi, about 100k west of the city. the plans have changed already, as i knew they would after only the first day. the city is very cool, i’m going to be back in about 3 days to do the sites, but it’s dirty. these guys know it after being here for about a week already and i have no problem about getting into the country for a few days of trekking and elephant riding.

breakfast has been eaten…i feel alive again after the headache this morning, i’m all packed up again and about to head off. just time for me to leave you with a few shots.

kao san road

street hawking thumb-war king!

hope everyone back home is happy and well, chat soon.

    • vinyl richie
    • January 29th, 2007

    Nice one man, glad you made it there in one piece.
    Well jealous.

    • vinyl richie
    • January 29th, 2007

    Paul’s asking if you’ve found a ladyboy yet! 😉

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