ligers…they’re pretty much like my favoriute animal.

after a late start due to the previous night’s driking with the people we met on the waterfall trip and a good long chat with a bar owning ex-pat gatheirng info about how to go about my trip around laos, vietman and cambodia, all five of us met up to go see the tiger temple.

about a 1/2 hour suangtheu (truck with benched seats in the back…no idea about the spelling :s) ride of of k’buri is the temple. not a temple in the traditional sense, more of a nature reserve run by an abbott. we followed the path down into this small canyon, reminded me of that scene in raiders of the lost ark when they’re taking the arc to open it. (got pics but bad connection atm). there were about 10 tigers, chained up but roaming about, lying stretch out, basking on rocks and in turn, lead my one of the temple volunteers, you were taken up to them, pat them on the back, hav photos taken. really quite strange being allow to go touch, not like any zoo in the uk! over seeing it all was the abbott. to could tell the amount of trust he had for the animals he’s taken in, every time one of the tigers got a little nervous or ‘overly-playful’ he walk up to it, and it would calm down. he’d then get a little playful with it too, allowing the tiger to knaw on his hand…kinda like i let my labrador milo do…not sure i’d let a tiger do the same.

more later.. time has run out 😦

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