sex on the kao san road

…don’t worry mum it’s just a drink, and not a particularly nice one at that…just thought it would grab your attention 🙂

yesterday was fairly quiet. after an easy get-up, we checked out of our respective rooms, said fairwell to jean, guni and claire (guys, if you get to read this, it was wonderful to meet you all, had a fantastic few days and i’m so glad we got to do all that we did together. hope you have safe and exciting travels ahead :D) and made our way to the station to get the train back to the smog.

anna and i are back in the rambutri hotel just off the kao san road, the place she was in the night we met and a recommendation as it’s clean, has hot water and is central to the action…we had some action i tell ya!

what started off as few beers and a meal turned into a few cocktails and us crashing a thai birthday party in the brick bar…as the only white faces in there it could have been dodgy. that could not have been further from the truth…we got introduced around the entire group, some 20 people or so…dancing to ska music and trying desperately to learn all the names we were being told and picking up new phrases as they laughed at our attempts to speak thai. awesome. i’m hungover this morning.

luckily today is an easy one…update this page, eat brekkie, get to the airport, fly to koh samui, sit on a beach. can’t wait for that last part 🙂

we’re there to meet anna’s friends and do the full moon party on koh phangan. only there for 3 nights and after that the plan so far is krabi, ralaigh and the climbing…managed to talk anna into letting me teach her to climb, i can’t wait to get there, it’s meant to be one of the best spots in the world.

i’m starving, breakfast time 🙂

i hope everyone back home is happy and well.

    • claire
    • February 1st, 2007

    love the way you wax lyrical its nearly as good as your photo’s of which i will be ripping off as my own!!! just kidding.. cheers for the memories and the kind words honey.. I know your going to have the time of your life and i shall enjoy following your expedition. x Love Clara and Gungor X

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