full moon-lit koh samui

we got checked out of the rambutri, our home for the last night in bangkok and shared a ride to the airprt after failing to negotiate a decent price with the nearest cabbie and got there, after dozing off in the cab, with plenty of time to spare.

the flight over to the island took no time at all, enough for a quick meal and a few pages in my book and we arrived just after dusk. out ride to the hotel failed to turn up to greet us so it was time to get the bartering hat on and get us a new ride. successfully done, we arrived at the samui beach resort not long after nightfall to a clear but damp smelling room (upgraded to air-con after the airport transfer failure). after a quick wash we we wondered up the ‘main strip’ (consisting of about 2 dozen not so great looking cafe’s and bars) until we found one that didn’t look sh*t!

a quick chat with the guy there and we found out that about a mile on and just around the corner was the real center of the town…down drinks, say thanks, walk further. ha ha! that’s more like it…loads of life, smiling faces, thai boxing ring, a jamacan bar, ladyboys and scooters everywhere. the main road is a one way street, this doesn’t mean that you don’ have to look in all four directions before you cross it and we pitched up at the bauhaus restaurant for some grub and a phonecall to anna’s freinds who were (or should) be staying close by. after a great meal and finally geting the phonecall in we found out how close by…two doors down.

cathy, luke and like’s dad, nick shared a drink or two with us that evening by the boxing ring. we got hastled byt he same flower selling, thumber war champions that we were fleeced by in bangkok, this time we were practiced, 1-1 between me a the kid (still bought a flower) but by the end of the evening it seemd she’d taken a shine to us all, covered us with flowers and platted anna’s hair. got to feeling very tired by this point so we headed home.

the next morning (the day of the party) the weather had turned a little, grey skies and a fair breeze blowing as we walked up the beach (a much qicker route than the road) to get into town for brekkie. bellies filled and plans made with luke and cathy for the rest of the day, we chilled out in the town, did a little shopping and prepared to get ready for the evening. 600 got us a round trip from the hotel to the pier, a ride on a speedboat and the return. the driver was so late we missed two outgoing boats, not that it mattered, you quickly get used to ‘thai-time’ and everything always seems to fit into place. the boat trip was like a rollercoaster, about 35ft, carried about 40 people and went like the clappers. we made the mistake of sitting at the front and were bounced about all over the place. i have the bruises to prove :s

the party was incredible, some 30000 people spread out over the beach, bars all the way along setup like mini nightclubs playing out over the sand, street vendors lining all of the tiny, windy streets and people everywhere.

before we realised it it was 6 in the morning and time to get the speed boat home. with priop knowledge on our side we sat in the center of the boat, not nearly as rough; lucky as i think cathy would have let her fill of booze and street-food fly all over the weary crowd around us.

needless to say we had a lay in the next morning. we spend the day wondering the town, grazing on food and looking in the shops. later in the day we met up with the others and went for a massage, my first since getting over here!

it was great. i went for the thai oil massage, 250b (about $3) for an hour. it was like a swedish massage, but with the thai style bending of limbs wher limbs don’t go on their own! the final manouver is done sat down with your hands behind your head, the masseur’s arms around yours and with a swift and strong sideways twist, they crack your back and relieve all the pressure. or so it was mean. the young girl sorting out my aches much have over judged and with one swift movement sent us both flying into the next cubicle occupied, luckily by a fully clothed anna. they laughted we all laughed and all was great, especcially my back…never felt as good. hoping for that to become a daily thing now

  1. Hi – just to let you know I enjoyed this page and I linked to it with my site. When are you returning to Ko Samui? Vern

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