never will i complain about the british public transport system again

we woke early to pack and get ready for what we knew would be a long day’s travelling to krabi. unfortunately, anna woke up really ill, and there was no way she was going to make the trip that day. after some deliberation and some toing and froing between the travel agent we booked the tickets with and the guest house in krabi via the internet cafe across the street, anna made me go on ahead to get the guesthouse whilst staying in the care of luke and cathy promising to join me the following day.

i waited for ages outside the hotel. knowing that i had to be on the  coast to catch the ferry i was getting a little worried. ‘thai-time’ kept reassuring myself. sure enough about 40mins late the minibus arrives to take my on a very swift trip to the ferry port…only to get my ticket stamped and be on another bus! No! I need to get off the island, not take a trip around it! They know what they’re doing, surely. i’s been told about buses like this. you sit, if you’re lucky enought or early enought to get a seat. you stand…on top of others if necessary if you arrive later than the seated few (i was a stander) else you hang on to the outside, hang on to whatever you can and take your chances that the journey is a smoothe one!

finally at the ferry port the guy who appears to be in charge ushers us off but leaves the bags on…more confusion but we find later that this was only to get us up on deck, the bus followed us onto the ferry and met us the other side.

the crossing was incredible, i saw the island and it’s hills disappear behind us and the mainland and it’s mountains appear out the the sea mist ahead. the weather was incredible, drank plenty of ice cold water and got chatting to a well traveled scotsman, ryan, also bound for krabi.

at the other side we rejoined our bus to suri thani, the main town in the area to meet our bus from wherever to krabi (how all this is syncronised is beyond me) within 15 mins of arriving at the suri thani bus station (a cafe and the side streets around it) we were lead to a tuk-tuk that took us to one of the side streets to get the bus (for one horrific moment i thought we were making the 6 hour long journy in the tuk-tuk!). i was quiet, only 20 or so people and had air con. on the downside the suspension was shot to hell, we were bounced about all over tha place and the breaks gave out this stomache wrenching scream everytime the driver made an attempt to slow the bus down. this was the leg of the journey i was hoping to get some rest…no chance.

after 6 hours i awoke as we pulled up at a gathering of buildings under a sign saying ‘krabi   ‘. there’s no way THIS is krabi…a dozen or so huts and a taxi rank! upon further reading the sign said ‘krabi station’ (i remember from the guide that krabi station is 4km or so north of the town and i felt somewhat releaved. a short tuk-tuk ride and i found myself at the b and b guesthouse. clean, quiet and cool. dok, the man at the desk is this short, smiley thai with a fantastic laugh and really helpful. i got settled in, showerded and changed and met ryan for some food and the great beer i’ve ever tasted.

it’s now tuesday, anna is moments away from getting here. i’ve talked to her already and she sounds much better tho i’me sure she’ll be tired. we’ll get some food and look around the town today. tomorrow hopefully will be a trip to koh phiphi, the location for ‘the beach’, some snorkling and some monkey spotting. there’s loads to do here, all outdoors and all active, great after the laying about over the past few days.

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