taking a kayak to see krabi’s monkies

after yesterday’s very dodgy stomache which left me unable to move from the room; my time spent either on the toilet, praising the fact that the air-con reached as far as the bathroom or in bed waiting for my next visit to the former, today has been the ying to the yang.

we booked a day’s trip by kayak around the nearby islands from thalen bay just north of krabi. it wasn’t just kayaking tho, we started off with started off with a short trek to see a set of caves used my some well respected buddhist monks, one one which housed a fresh water pool from which the monk was able to sustain himself for 15 years whilst meditiating.

outside of the caves we swam in a fresh water pool; a very welcome respite from the day’s heat and this at only 10:30am, the big heat was still to come.

the kayaking trip that followed was incredible; we set off into electric blue waters around a bay made up of sheer limestone cliffs. we paddled for about a half hour through a mangrove plantation teaming with long tailed marmosets; on our lunch stop was at a pier where we got to feed them; got up so close you sould stroke them. really kinda cute too up close, but get a little aggressive.

i spent most of the trip staring straight up at the cliffs letting anna, sat in front on me – oblivious to my laziness, do all the paddling 🙂

it was the thai countryside scenery that you see in the movies; ‘the man with the golden gun’, ‘the beach’, movies like that are filmed here and i’ve finally seen it, (we’re going to koh phi phi, ‘the beach’ location tomorrow)  and to see it first hand makes what’s seen on screen pale in comparison.

yesterday’s bad gut and today’s exercise has left me feeling knackered. i’ve just made a call home to my parents (hello mum, hello dad, i know you’re going to be reading this soon :)) and not i’m off to bed.

hope all the people i know and love are happy and well. M

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