amy’s favorite place

post monkey feeding, anna and i had our last night in krabi at an italian restaurant listening to two local guitarist play, afterwards we got tickets to koh phi phi booked and hotels reserved. after such a full on day, chilling out with a can of chang beer was all we were capable of!

we woke the next moring early to catch our ride to the pier and our ride to koh phi phi. the ferry was rammed full, indication that the island was going to be the same way, good job we already had a contact there in the way of anna’s friends colin and laura to  get our room sorted. the trip took about 2 hours, the cabin we were in was freezing; air-con running on overdrive but the top decj was sweltering in the sun.

we arrived at about 12 midday to a perfect island view; white beaches, palm trees and a perfect blue sea (amy, this place is just as great as you described it!). there are no cars on phi phi, no roads even, so our transfer to the bungalow was a man powered cart navigated through windy pazed streets covered in fine white sand. once checked in to the room a very excited anna was met by an even more excited colin and laura, it’s been about 3 weeks since they’ve all been together and a few days here will be good catching up time for them before anna goes home.

we spent the afternoon poolside at the waterfall bar;  a bar that you swim up to, order food and drink and then sit on submerged seats and loo out from the top of a waterfall across the sea to the sheer limestone headland about a mile away. like something from a bond movie.

to  be honest the day disappeared, before we knew it the sun was going down, the sky turned to purple –  got some great photos of silhoetted palm trees – and the air got cooler (still baking hot tho) and we returned to get ready to go eat that evening.

colin’s recommendation, a seafood bbq and grill place right on the beach did us perfectly. serloin steak and two huge king prawns set me up for the evening (just about finished me off to be honest) but we saved just enough energy to head from there to ‘hippies bar’ to sit on reed mats on the beach chat with the people around us and watch a killer fire show; fire breathers, poi spinners and fire stick spinners. best was this 10 year old kid, fast like you would not beileve!! got some great photos too but have to find a better connection to get them uploaded. worn out by this point there was very little to do other than retire to the bungalow, sit anf drink some ice tea on the balcony and realise that it was time to get inside after the mosquitos got hungry. going to come back to phi phi at the end of the trip for sure, totally relaxing and after roughing it in the north a little time on a beach will be great.

    • fingers
    • February 13th, 2007

    Mate, that sounds perfect. Sounds even better than my trip there! ALthuogh I got to see the fire show too (after some thai boxing…. contrast) and it is something to behold. They asked if anyone fancied a go and I stupidly said yes…. i was not ready and hit myself in the head with 64kg poi.

    Dude, I’m very jealous, but keep the blog coming.

    You’re a knob too, by the way.

    • pete
    • February 13th, 2007

    just realised that i shouldnt leave the name fingers (or, marcus, you shouldnt name something “amy’s favourite place”) as when you look down the left hand side of your website it reads ‘fingers on amy’s favourite place’ which is a tad saucy. more care needed in future from both of us.

    stay in touch moby.

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