phi phi to nai yang

colin and laura, having already checked out of their bungalow the previous day, called us to let us know they had found us a room in nai yang and we arranged to go out and meet them. nai yang is a quiet resort north of phuket, very near the airport from whick we were all flying on the 13th.

we got our room packed up and checked out with plenty of time to spare so had another wander around the market stalls and sat on the beach for a final time.

the crossing was so busy; the thais really pack people onto these boats! the top deck had the only space but was far too hot to sit out on. the only people brave enough were already totally bronzed, i still look like a ghost and had no intention of burning. we ended up sitting on the floor by the doorway to the top deck, comfortable enough as the air-con blasted past us. from arriving at phuket bay it took about a half hour in a mini-bus to get to the resort. the room, although quiet expencive was beautiful. we were right next door to colin a laura in a semi-detached type bungalow, about 200 yards from the beach. there are only a handful of building in nai yang; a few bars, as many restaurants, a couple of thai massage places and a shop or two, so far removed from anywhere i’ve been so far.

colin and laura had already been there earlier in their trip so knew of a few places to go…the first being a bar of course…wat’s bar! now this guy’s ace; maybe 25 years old, thai through and through apart from his broad london-east-end accent…you really double take when he first speaks. ‘orwight ma(t)e?! haas i(t) goin’ then?!’. his mum (known to us only as ‘wat’s mum’) works in the same long hut as the bar and makes incredible food for peanuts! the first night i had sweet and sour chicken pad thai for about 50p. really good it was too!

after a few drinks and a good chat with wat and his mum and laura’s thai cooking lesson learning to make tum yam soup we took ourselves back to the rooms and had a drink and a giggle on our balcony before chatting about what to do the following day and turning in.

the following day was scorching! i took off up the beach with the camera with my eye on a group of thai fishing boats at the far end, got some ok shots but the heat drove me back to the shade of the parasols by the bars.

the plan for the day then; hire a long tail boat and drive and go snorkling at rock island (no shade in any part of that plan, but i need a tan anyway). we got talking to a man about a boat, withing a half hour he would be ready to go. just enough time to buy a bed sheet from a vendor on the beach and drop of off back at the room before we were on board and rocketing off to the dive site.

rock island sits with a beautiful, if not slightly murky coral reef around it. we dove to about 15ft surrounded by some very colorful and strange looking fish, all of them as interested in us as we in them so we got up really close and personal! there were also a few jelly fish and sea lice, enough to notice the stinging, and enough stinging to not stay in the water for too long. after an hour or so we headed back and sat in the shade. perfect opportunity to continue writing in my book before heading back for a shower.

that evening we sat in the only ‘proper’ restaurant in the town, an italian, and i did fancy a change after all the thai food recently. our food was incredible; rib eye steak prefectly cooked, the best carbonara i’ve ever had, wonderully grilled seabass and a perfectly baked pizza…with a few drinks…for four people…about 18 pounds. the service too was as you would expect in a top london restaurant. great enought to warrant a tip to the staff; we were generous, so much so that the staff returned after we left the bill to tell us we’d given them too much. we told them it was a tip, they thanked us and politely walked away only for us to catch them jumping for joy and hugging each other. the tip was nothing to us, about 3-4 pounds each, but you should have seen the reaction!

today i’m back in bangkok after an easy flight back from phuket. anna has gone back home (hope you had a good trip if you get to read this), missing my traveling buddy but got somegreat things ahead. going to do the temples today, the floating market early tomorrow, best go and get it book.

hope everyone at home is happy and well, keep in touch guys 🙂

    • fingers
    • February 14th, 2007

    You’re a walking advert for Thailand Marcus! You should post this blog to their tourism industry people and see if they’ll give you some money for it. I’ll take a small commission for ‘creative oppurtunity’ of course.

    Good luck going solo old boy, its a dfifferent animal but a fun one none the less. I’m keeping a bottle of £4 Vodka on ice for you.

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