arriving in chiang mai

i can’t say that there’s a great deal to post, i’ve arrived at the hostel, the room’s not ready yet and i have free internet 🙂

ok, so the bus arrived late, nothing wrong with that, this is thailand after all and after 3 weeks i’ve gotten used to it and know that there’s no need to worry; everything happens as it should, just never at the right time. the bus was one of the behemoth double layer things and was full by the time it got to us, popular place chiang mai. there were 7 of us that couldn’t get a seat on the top deck but were sat int he underbelly of the bus on a circular, lounge style sofa with a fridge full of beer. i could already see the way this trip was going to go. we started off laughing and joking about; the two canadian couples were hilarious. one pair were very accomplished divers so i took some time to chat about the places they’ve been and got some advice about the course i’m doing on koh tao in a few weeks. it seemed as tho people had had busy days and the motion and noise on the bus had most people asleep a few hours into the trip. i dozed off only to have my dreams interrupted by the driver over the PA announce “IF YOU WANT TO WAKE UP, WAKE UP NOW, HALF HOURSTOP, GET FOOD!” ‘if’ he said, geez, the pa was at full volume, the people in the coach next to us got woken! what was this place? it was like an oasis, a collection of vending machines and mystery meat stands in the middle of nowhere, literally, nothing for miles about and here we were at 2:30. the only thing that looked remotely appetising to me at that time in the morning was the fruit…the only stand with no-one behind it. i called a guy over and he chopped up some pineapple for me and i headed by to the bus to claim my space and get some kip. everyone else got on, i got comfy  and before i knew it we’d stopped again in the city of chiang mai. really too bleary eyed to pay too much attention and already being bombarded with reps trying to sell me tickets to shows and jungle treks i can’t really comment on the place yet. i did get driven past the night market on the way to the hostel, obv. nothing going on as it’s only 8:30am but going to head up that way tonite with the camera and see what’s happening. i have three days here so going to look into doing some yoga classes, see the countryside and probably do a 3 day, 2 night jungle trek to see the tribalvillages. it’s pretty much of the beaten track but looks really well organised. about time i got to see some thai life other than beaches and bars.

    • well done
    • February 19th, 2007

    those long bumpy bus rides are a joy. especially when they often insist on beepoing their horn every 16 seconds, quite often just for a laugh to annoy the tourists. Keep going mate, the jungle trek sounds very good, although I’d have stuck to the beach, babes and bars. But then again you’re bald so think differently.

    See what I did with the name down the left hand side again? I think I have a gift. Or a sist. Which one do you go to the doctor for?

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