tubing (pron. tyoobing) – to float down the nam song, in a tube

to be totally honest, if you’re not into friends/simpsons/movies (there are movie bars everywhere with people sitting inside all day drinking and staring at the tv) and you spend more than one day in vangvieng, after seeing the countryside on the first day, you’re going to have to go tubing.

you start about 3km upstream from the town, you get a large rubbing ring, presumably from a tractor as there are plenty around here and then they let you float off back to the town. how interesting is that?! you might ask. well dotted along the river bank are numerous bars all of which have some sort of life-expectancy-shortening, injury-inevitable, high-as-can-be rope swing or platform to leap from. i know my mum’s going to gasp at the idea of me hurling myself into a river after a few drinks in the sun, i’ll put the cherry on top by saying we were taught how to backflip from the end of the swing, the highest being about 40ft from the water 🙂

but that’s all done with now, no injuries, not even a hangover. i’m now in viantiene, the laos capital i’m i’m not staying any longer than it takes to get a bus ride to cambodia. there’s mot really anything here. there’s no amazing scenery,no incredible cultural significance, just a way to get to another country for me. 5pm today i’ll be on a bus to bangkok and then straight on another to siem riep in cambodia, the home of ankor wat. my current travelling buddies are off to vietnam, something i really want to do but have no time before the diving and jen’s visit so i shall have to say farewell to them today and maybe catch up with them in a few weeks.

the internet is a little patchy here sometimes hence no recent photos. i will have some time in bangkok so another post from there and some pics then more from cambodia when i’m there.

    • Sir Archie Biscuiit-v
    • March 6th, 2007

    Dear boy, that sounds delightful. Backflipping into a river from 40ft is something that mothers will never quite understand (sorry Mrs M).

    Aren’t tractor tyres a little…. big? do you mean the inner tube? If it was the tyre then you should be a top gear presenter for sheer lunacy and determination.

    The fun police have removed my ability to see the photo’s but I’ll catch up on them as soon as I can.

    Need more input as soon as you have it.

    Yours disgustingly,

    Sir Archie Biscuit-von Tubing

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