i’m so smooth i slipped off myself

firstly, sorry for not posting anything sooner, genuine apologies too, as a couple of people have noticed that it took me a while to get this up here.

my last 10 days have been spent between bangkok, nai yang and pih phi, i asked jen to come visit while i was here to give her a holiday and so we could spend some time together and i could show her some of the parts of this trip that i’ve loved. it was great to go back to some of these places and catch up with some of the people i’ve met.

we started off slowly on the first day in bangkok, jen was jet lagged and the weather was hot even for me. after dumping bags in the room i showed her the khao san road great that the excitment of seeing it for the first time came back to me as i saw her reaction. that evening too was spent there eating, drinking, catching up after two months and dancing with the thais. we flew to phuket the next day thankfully without a hangover and on to a place called nai yang. i’d bought a few cds for wat, the owner of the bar i spent some time in with anna, laura and colin and watched him gamble with the other bar and restaurant owners while we drank. it’s really getting into the low season here and places are getting quiet, we had the bar to ourselves most of the time.

the same peace wasn’t to be found on phi phi the follwing day. after taking a boat crossing that was certainly quieter than the previous time, and finding the bars a little emptier there were still plenty of people. true that i had seen most of what we saw the time before but it was so much better this time with jen there and i felt great being able to show her somewhere that i have such great memories about. so on that note we saw the sunset from the waterfall bar, drank margaritas and sat on the beach, we wondered through the town and bought gifts, we watch some incredible fire shows at hippies, but we also got up to so much more finding better food and an even better fir show at carpe diem, kayaking out into ton sai bay, walking up to the biew point and seeing the whole north east side of the island, visiting the tsunami memorial park, albeit in the dark, feeding and befriending a cat called casper, getting caught out in a powercut, watching great movies in the ‘irish’ pub and getting holding a real, live, wild eagle! seriously, it was perched out on the menu stand of carpe diem and with a little encouragement hopped off and onto my arm.

the final night, back in bangkok was spent shopping for gifts (some people back home are going to be happy) and packing for her flight back today (hope it went smoothly babe).

not sure exactly how i’m going to finish up the last 3 weeks of the trip. i’d love to go into vietnam, but not sure about the time i could spend there. i really want to to go chiang mai for the buddhist new year, songkran and the water festival so as soon as i know after getting in touch with some people (got an email from bopper today who’s coming over to go climbing in krabi, could be a plan) i’ll shall let you know.

i intend to write more about about this last week but i don’t want to sit in front of the computer too long this evening; i ate something that didn’t agree with me and i’m nowhere near a bathroom (nothing to worry about mum) but i wanted to get something up here for jen to read when she gets back into work.

in other news, congrats to dad on the job in jordan, he flew out there yesterday so i’m yet to hear how it went, sure i’ll hear soon.

thanks to pete for the last few comments…which website are you getting those from?? :p they are great tho, i’ll leave one of my own.

‘Pay no attention to the faults of others, things done or left undone by others. Consider only what by oneself is done or left undone.’

in case anyone is wondering about the title. jen brough over this skin treatment for us, gets rid of dead skin and helps the tan and left me very smooth…so much so that when we ate that night sitting on floor cushions i leant over, put my elbow on my knee and slipped off crashing into the table. jen found this so funny she could, hardly breathe for the first minute and kept giggling at my ‘smoothness’ the rest of the week. as it made you smile so much, this page is dedicated to you.

    • Jen
    • April 6th, 2007

    Laughed out loud at the title (it still creases me up)..I dont think I’ll ever forget that exact moment when you slipped!! Hehehehe 🙂 In fairness, there are so many great memories that will stay with me forever. THANK YOU babe, once again for inviting me to share part of your experience with you. And for an amazing holiday 🙂 🙂 🙂 Enjoy (and be prepared) for Songkran, I read some funny stories about it on the plane (the movies were pants – the free Singa however, was not!!).

    With Much Love.
    J x

    ps. RE: Being Tanorexic: I’ve finally realised the tan looks good now that I’m back in blighty. I am officially the brownest person I know. Only 2 weeks left til I can top up in Vegas.

    pps. ps. If any one wants to try the treatment its The Sanctuary Kyphi Self Heating Mud Sugar scrub…. very smoooooth.. lol

    • Baron Vilder-Ness
    • April 11th, 2007

    Guten tag, glad to hear you’re having a good time baldy, although I am a little concerned about the use (and public admittance) of womens tanning and smoothing products. Alarm bells are ringing Willy.

    Still, you have been away for a long time and it’s only natural that you develop…. ways. This will not be permitted when you return however, where a strict regime of pies, football, x-box, pubs, wrestling, clubbing and coal mining will hopefully roughen up those smooth bits. Or I’ll just leave you in Deptford High Street with a loin cloth, a penknife and the Indianna Jones box set.

    Glad to hear that Jen had a good time, I had a text off her when she got back telling me she had an awesome time and that she misses you. sorry, i just vomitted slightly. but we’ll have to take you out for a nice meal (one you wont have to see soon after) when you get back, I’ll gather the troops and organise the venue etc, just let me know the soonest evening, prefereably a friday/saturday, when you think you’ll be fit for it and I’ll get it sorted.

    I dont get my thoughts from a website Marcus, how dare you suggest I would do such a thing, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” as Enistein once said. (thats called sattire)

    I join you in congratulating your dads new job although Peter Andre might start to get jealous. just watch your back Mr M, he’s an Aussie and wont mind playing dirty.

    well, I should probably do some work so I will sign off, plus I have to speak to King Kong, he’s in a hurry, apparantly he’s got a plane to catch.

    Speak soon,

    Man McBloke
    (rough skin)

    • Major General Sir Godfrey Canter-Flange
    • April 12th, 2007

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