splish splash i was takin’ a bath…

imagine a water fight. we’ve all taken part at one point or another in our lives. you may have used a water pistol, supersoaker or water balloon to drench someone. has anyone ever been involved in a waterfight on a national scale lasting for 5 days straight from 9am until 9pm? welcome to the wonder that is songkran, the buddhist new year!

after jen left to go back to the uk i travelled back up to chiang mai on the night train, an awesome experience in itself, confortable, clean, relatively quiet and when you travel at night your accommodation and travel are paid for at the same time! (no showers tho :().

chiang mai was nice for the two days that i stayed but as i was now on my own again (boo!) i fancied being up where there were people i knew…off to pai! nelson, who i met in vang vieng, laos a few weeks ago spends quite a bit of time up in pai, i remembered him mentioning how great the festival is up there and no sooner had i gotten there than i found out. i left the bus station after being dropped off mid-town and had only walked about a hundred yards when i spotted a large group of thais and farang hurling water about. i with my ‘non-waterproof’ bags wasn’t looking to get soaked just yet…fat chance of that. the group were fairly easy on me; a girl who i would later find out was zoe missed both my bags by tipping a pan of water down the front of my shorts…cheers hun.

after dumping my gear at the riverside family hut bungalows i headed back into town to exact my revenge. the whole afternoon (and indeed the rest of the following four days) turned into one big booze fueled waterfight, us standing on street corners drenching passers by and taking refuge in bars and restaurants to get dried off.

we did have sone change in the evening; we’d all go off to see live music, eat out and on two of the nights eat at nelson’s self made treehouse home. simple food, but nelson, if you read this at some point, thanks so much man…that food was amazing!

i have a cold now, possible something to do with not being dry for the last five days…not to worry mum, i’ll shake it. i’m back in bangkok after taking the night train back down here last night. i have to stay one night as the night train down to butterworth in malaysia was full today so i go tomorrow. unfortunately i’m going to have to pay an overstay charge when i leave, my visa ran out on the 15th and it was more costly to do it this way than to do a visa run, no big deal, i’ve not met too many people who haven’t had to do it at some point on their travels.

i’ve now finished the gift buying…hopefully this means i won’t have to see the khao san road again for while. i’m going to chill out in my room and listen to some music (it’s so much hotter here than in the north…and i have air-con this time :)) and venture out later for some food and back for an early night (i didn’t sleep too well on the train thanks to the efforts made by one woman to keep the whole 12 car train awake with her snoring…successfully too)

i’ll be in malaysia by the time i next write. going to be there for about a week then on to singapore for two days at the most before i fly home…something that seems to have come about very quickly but something i think i’m totally ready for now.

i’m looking forward to seeing everyone very soon. M

    • mick mc evoy
    • May 23rd, 2007

    hey ting tong was just that…………….crazy. god times

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