A Theory About the Fight

It wasn’t a big fight or anything: just a little punch up between two commuters this morning at London Bridge that got me thinking about the state of mind of a few people around me on the way into work.

You see the strange thing was that neither of them looked like the sort of people who would ever get into a fight. They were both small fellas, both well dressed and groomed and both ‘friendly’ looking (no facial scars, no ‘f*ck off’ tattoos on their foreheads, that kind of thing).

So what might have happened?

My theory goes like this:

We all know that it only takes the cancellation of one train, timed correctly to completely ruin a commute into work and that happened this morning. Firstly, the train was late: this meant that there were more people than normal waiting for the train: some of the people standing around would have naturally missed the train and be waiting for the next one. This same thing had affected the stations further down the line so, secondly, by the time the train did arrive it was full.

Now, the only people who successfully make it on to a full train in these circumstances are people who have a naturally more aggressive demeanor; these people will force their way on to the train sacrificing a little comfort in the process but nonetheless still making it on to the train.

The pacifists remain on the platform. We don’t really want to be crammed into the carriage, my comfort is not to be sacrificed in order for me to arrive at work early. So the platform is full of pacifists. Not a bad thing. Maybe.

There comes a time when even the pacifists need to get to work. After seeing a few equally full trains come and go without taking aboard enough of the waiting (cold) commuters some of the pacifists start to get agitated. There’s nothing worse than as agitated pacifist. You see some of them have been storing this up for a while. There’s only so many times you can count to 10 when something gets to you; only so many times you can let ‘it’ slide before cracking.

My guess is that this exact thing happened. Two normally calm individuals found themselves in an unfamiliar situation and were pushed too far by one another.

And that’s it! That’s my theory for the day, and the solution. Beware of the pacifists; let them on the train first! 🙂

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