Miskawaan and Getting Here

That was a long flight.

Not the first time that I’ve done the trip to Thailand, but the first time that it has been direct; no stopping in the Middle East. 11 hours in the same cattle-class seat. to be fair to BA it could have been much worse. The food was reasonable. The movies were ‘on demand’ and the wine was brought to us at an acceptable frequency both to us (getting a little merry) and to the stewardess (still assured that we weren’t going to be drunken trouble during the flight). The wine did cause the inevitable…drowsiness leading to deep sleep. By this point we had been awake since 6am (it was now 2am London time) and having done a full days work and stressed about getting to the airport had left us tired. We slept.

Suvarnabhumi Airport was just as I’d left it. It’s an incredible structure as you can see. As we dodged the taxi touts and leaflet givers we made our way back through to the check-in desks and to a very helpful clerk who managed to get us onto an earlier flight to Koh Samui. We had purposefully left a three hour window to account for any delays in getting to Thailand before catching our connection to the island, but BA being perfectly on time mean us waiting at Bangkok. Had we any more time then a trip into the city would have been possible but not with only three hours. But the wait was only 1 hour with a flight leaving in the very near future and with 2 spare seats! Result!

Now I’m a confident air passenger. I have complete confidence in pilots knowing that they can’t do their job unless perfectly fit to do so. I don’t think that the Koh Samui approach is a particularly difficult one but I seem to have read one too many articles like this and I always freak a little when descending to this runway. This time was no exception but as the medium turbulence was scaring Jen even more (my hand is still a little crushed) I was able to concentrate on her and not the descent. Long to short; we got down just fine and to the cutest little airport I’ve ever seen. No walls, no security, just huts and flowers.

We were met, as arranged by our driver and a20 minute, air-conditioned (may be nighttime but still baking, for us) ride later and we were at Miskawaan Luxury Villas. Wow.

As you can see on the Flickr Set the place is quiet incredible and as we were the first to arrive we had the place to ourselves. Our host, Tai showed us around to sounds of ‘Oh, wow!’ as we turned each corner. A short walk down the beach after she’d left us to our evening brought us to the Moon Hut restaurant. Our first Thai meal in Thailand and it was perfect…finally we felt like we were on holiday. At last.

So today has Jen running around with Jules making the final arrangements for the wedding in two days time and me with some free time to read and write. The stag and hen dos are tomorrow. We’re all going out on a ‘porno-boat’ (Alex’s title for the 30 foot power cruiser we’re hiring) to the national park for some uninhabited beaches for diving and beach cricket. As half of the wedding goers are Aussie we believe a reenactment of the last Ashes battle is in order 🙂

Right, I’m going for a swim in the sea, to hot to write. See you soon.

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